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Walcik Construction has experience and dedication.

Pressley Walcik learned all the tasks of laying out walls, cutting roof rafters, building stairways and the overall knowledge of framing a house properly under the careful guidance of his father within his father's construction company. At the age of seventeen Pressley started his own framing crew, which evolved into a full-fledged building company by the age of nineteen.

For the next two decades he built custom homes in Harris and surrounding counties. In 1991 he moved his family to Austin County and immediately realized the area's need for a quality custom home builder.

Today, Pressley and his wife Annette, their son-in-law Justin, and a team of truly quality-conscious contractors create the highly successful team of Walcik Construction. With the experience and dedication you can be assured your home will be built to meet or exceed your expectations.


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